In addition to providing an enjoyable journey your safety and security are our greatest concern at all times. Most of our captains have more than 7 years experience and all our boats are fully equipped with lifejackets for all passengers.

The captain normally has communication with the shore base and the number of passengers carried is limited in order to ensure your comfort and safety.

SpeedBoat Specification

Speedboat Specifications

No.SpeedboatHorse PowerWidthLengthDepth
Boat Capacity
12 Engines (400 Hp)225 Hp x 2 Eng2.90 Meters12 Meters2 Meters20 + 2 crews
22 Engines250 Hp x 2 Eng3.30 Meters13 Meters2-3 Meters28 + 2 crews
33 Engines (600 Hp) Jumbo225 Hp x 3 Eng3.30 Meters13 Meters2-3 Meters33 + 2 crews
43 Engines (600 Hp)250 Hp x 3 Eng3.50 Meters13.7 Meters2-3 Meters40 + 3 crews
54 Engines Jumbo250 Hp x 4 Eng3.50 Meters13.7 Meters2-3 Meters65 + 4 crews